Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm just going to go ahead and put spinach in everything

Lately, the only cruciferous vegetable I can get Matthew and Danny to eat is broccoli and they're even getting tired of that.  This means that in the last month they've eaten broccoli MAYBE eight times.   Other than that, the only other veggie consumption has come from whatever vitamins/nutrients I'm hoping have leached out of vegetables into whatever dish they're in (like soup), and I'm sure that's negligible.  Worrisome indeed.  Joseph will eat a salad at every dinner and in fact, has requested spinach salad for his school lunch, but Danny especially avoids leafy greens.  So, I'm hoping I can just sneak it in.  So far, I've put this pureed spinach in pasta sauce, muffins and pancakes...

It's undetectable, except for the effect of the color which no one has asked about.  And of course, I haven't volunteered an explanation for why everything I cook these days is green.  You can see specks of green in tomorrow's pancakes...

I also plan to put it in things like chilli and smoothies.  I would certainly prefer that they just enjoyed eating leafy greens but I'm getting desperate here.

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  1. I approve of this kind of sneakery. As a child my parents tore their hair out trying to find veggies I would eat. As an adult I am better, but still not great about it and I try to find ways to sneak veggies into the food I eat now. Do you puree your own spinach and just stick it in ice cube trays? Also, is that a stupid question with the content of your blog being what it is, self sufficiency wise? Yes? Oh, ok then.