Monday, December 16, 2013

In The Tub

Danny:  I'm the captain.

Matthew:  Okay, I'm the first mate.

Danny:  No, I want to be first.

Matthew:  You are first, the first mate comes after the Captain.

Danny:  How about you're the second mate and I'm the first mate.

Matthew:  No I'm the first mate, you're the Captain.

Danny:  But I want to be first.

Matthew:  How about you be the skipper?  He steers the boat.

Danny:  No, I'm the first mate WHO IS the Captain.

Matthew:  Danny, they're two different things, the Captain comes before the first mate and the first mate comes before all the other mates.

Danny:  How about I be the guy who serves the hot dogs?  Do you want mustard or skabetti sauce?

Matthew:  Plain.

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