Thursday, August 4, 2011

This August

Yikes!  August is here, it's the last month before school starts.  In September, Joe will go to first grade and be gone all day and Matthew will be off to pre-school two days a week.  I've got a lot of pants to sew for Joe before this happens.  But first, we turn our attention to getting ready for Joe's birthday and trying to strike a balance between making it special while not overdoing it.   I drew up an invitation today and hope to mail it off ASAP and I also started making some new decorations to hang in the yard.
Other plans for this month include:
::Blueberry picking
::Craft nights with friends
::Some out of town visitors
::12 hour shifts on the Trauma/Burn unit for Chris, but 10 days off!
::Monarch caterpillar raising
::Hopefully ridding the house of pantry moths
::Continue to try to come up with names we don't hate.
  My current short list:

  •   James
  •   Henry
  •   Everett


  •   Evan


  •   Honeycake
  •   Strongbaby
  •   Windpower


  •   Michael
  •   Nico
  •   Opal (this one was nixed after I told him that's usually a girl's name.)


  1. You're probably gonna wanna just choose from this list that google automatically generated for me based on your first three boys.

  2. Oh, I also like Nico, and Windpower, and i would like to see Danny's voice represented here as well.

  3. First off, I haven't yet received my invitation in the mail.

    Second off, I would be willing to deposit 5 dollars (american) in a college trust fund of your choosing if you named your baby Strongbaby. You know what, I am upping the money, 100 dollars (american). We can make this happen.

  4. @Adam, I ran out of invites. But we did consider naming the baby Adam for a moment there, so that should make you feel better.

  5. You know, I usually badger people to name their children after me, the most important person in their life. But to tell you how serious I am, I would prefer Strongbaby to even my glorious name.