Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dear Joe,
The party was a success and it didn't rain (even though it was supposed to)  That means it hasn't rained on your birthday for five years.  Most of the friends you invited came and it was a large crowd.  Jenni was here (she blew up all the balloons for the balloon table and also shucked all the corn, XOX Jenni!)  We served hotdogs from the grill, corn on the cob, coleslaw (used Ina Garten's recipe), fruit kebabs and hummus and veggies.  A friend brought some fresh peach salsa.  It was a very cheery spread...

These are the gifts you received from us...

Matthew managed to keep his present a secret for two months...

You put it right on your new desk (we found this on craigslist the day before your birthday!)

We also gave you these books but I can't get blogger to upload the pictures correctly...

Stupid blogger.

Mattie and I made you this cake but with a thin buttercream frosting and flowers (inspired by The Family Dinner) instead of what the recipe called for...

Of course, your real gift was the party with the obstacle course...

Happy Birthday to you!  XOX.


  1. That cake is sooooo pretty. Awesome obstacle course, you guys have a lot of those foam pool things.

  2. I bought the whole box at the dollar store, although I wish I had bought even more because I had a few more ideas for them.
    That was my best cake yet.

  3. So much fun! Thank you for the party.

    The cake was delish; I took home what Hana didn't eat of her piece and ate it myself! Yum.

    I spy a humpback on Joe's sweet desk. :)

  4. Thanks Roen. Good to "see" you! Can't wait for crafting to start when the weather gets cold.