Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Exercise the Demon

Mattie caught a praying mantis.  It was on the side of the garage and I heard him say quietly, "Looook at that.  I'm gonna catchit!"  And he did.

This insect is a demon.  It tried to fight us when it was in the net.  It's totally aggressive and it has evil eyes.  It knows that if it were just strong enough, it would lift the lid and escape.  I'm not kidding, it tried to lift the lid.
It went straight to the leftover swallowtail chrysalis to see if it could kill it. (Pictured here)...

I'd say it's over 4 inches long.

The Demon's shadow...

The boys are going to feed it a cricket and then we'll be releasing it across the street as soon as Chris gets home.  Blehk. *shiver*.

ADDENDUM:  When we let it go, it's eyes had turned black.  Evil I tell you.

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