Friday, April 27, 2012

Danny on the eve of turning three

Dear Danny,
A snap-shot of you right now...

Bumember= Remember
Song of the Wainbows= Somewhere over the Rainbow
Minion Fawcon= Millennium Falcon
Dark Vader=  Darth Vader

You gave up your pacifier one week before turning three.  You can ride a scooter, tell stories, and you play well with your brothers...

Here you are playing Legos...

Something you painstakingly made a few months ago (you have since moved into making ships...)

You love dress up...  

You love sweater vests (because you think they make you look like "Han Sowo)...

 And here you are on the last night of being two...

Tomorrow, your party!  Happy Birthday sweet Dan-Dan.


  1. Oh. Completely adorable. Happy Birthday, Danny!!! Love from Hana and Annri

  2. Ditto Annri's sentiment! Happy Birthday, Dear Danny!

  3. So, so, so sweet!! Yay! Danny is 3 and his party was the coolest on earth! =)