Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What it's like...

Having a fourth baby...

It means that my third child spends the first half of the day in his jammies, even if we have errands to run.
It means that by now we're so used to this that when I sit down to nurse the baby, Chris will bring me a glass of water without us talking about it.

It means that I get to hear that Joseph told his class that he "has the most beautiful baby at home."

It means that I might just use a brown paper bag for a diaper bag and that I will probably forget to put diapers in it, but I WILL remember the sling.

It means making dinner whenever I get the chance, even if that means dinner is ready at 10:30 am.

It means that we have a level of familiarity with labor/delivery high enough for us both to know when to reach down and bring the baby up ourselves and that the midwife will write, "delivered into Dad's arms" in the chart.

It has meant letting go of Daniel being "the baby," and seeing him in a different way; more competent, more helpful and more grown up.

It means a whole lot of love and affection and hearing Matthew say, "Baby James is so cute I just want to bite my finger!!!"

And a whole lot of this...

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