Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Appreciating the following today...

Seeing my boys share their Christmas candy with each other
Hot tea
My landline
Discovering these guys can deliver to my house
Finishing FIVE sewing projects yesterday
Homemade frozen food in the garage
New tires on the van
A happy husband
Five days until our trip to Minneapolis

Hoping to...

Finish two three more projects before we leave
Keep it simple/low key during our stay in MPLS
Commit to going to bed on time
Get these boys back on track with eating...  There's been a lot of Christmas candy for breakfast in the last few days
Make double of everything to add to the freezer stash
Arrive on time to James' MD appointment today
Get video of Matthew playing his ukulele


  1. Same here! Jen and I would love to meet the family if you've got time.