Saturday, July 16, 2011

For the Cape

I think that finding out that we're having another boy has something to do with my recent increase in production of home-made things.  Luckily, these boys of mine like home-made clothes (especially Joe.)  Here are the beach bathrobes that I made for them in between trips to the fabric store for quilting supplies...
Green is for Mattie, white is for my niece, the hoods are lined with flannel...

Mattie only wore his for a few seconds because I accidentally told him he looked cute, but I'm hoping he'll wear his at the beach.  Danny however, was perfectly happy to model his...

The Pattern is by Made...

I'm not quite finished with Joe's.  He wants one without a hood because it will look "less babyish" that way.  I should be able to complete it tonight after kid bedtime since I already cut the pieces...

Which reminds me:  Try to cut through two pieces of terry cloth with these scissors.  Go ahead, try.


I bought these as a belated birthday present to myself...

Ooooh baby, they are such a relief.


  1. The bathrobes and Danny are both adorable. You are amazing, Julia!! Thanks for showing your work.

  2. My mom always threatened that if I ever gave her any kind of tool or utensil for her birthday, I would get it back for mine.

  3. Ooo! Does that mean I should buy myself another pair of scissors?

  4. Tell Mattie that it's his frog costume....he'll probably like that idea.

  5. Great work. And having nice scissors makes the work go so much faster.