Sunday, June 17, 2012

In Which Chris Tries to Get a Nap on Father's Day

Boys:  Dad, pretend you're our patient.
Dad:  Okay, let's pretend I'm in a coma.
Boys:  NO!  Pretend you fell off a mountain and broke your arm.  I need a skepfascope!
Dad:  Okay, I fell off a mountain, and I have a broken arm and I am in a coma.
Boys:  fix fix fix. (*pokes fingers into Dad's arm*)  Okay, pretend I need to wear these special goggles (*Puts on snow boarding goggles*)
Dad:  You guys better go read up on comas before you start treatment.
Boys:  fix fix fix. (*more poking.*)
Dad:  Maybe you guys should order some tests and go wait for the results.
Boys:  Hey Dad, you're all fixed!  Dad...  Dad!

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