Friday, March 23, 2012

Hospitalized... Most words sound cool with "ized" at the end, but not so much this one.

Here we continue to sit in the hospital.  We have watched "that white dog" movie (Bolt) twice.  I think Danny has watched more TV in the last two days than he has in his whole life.  I'm hoping I've lost a few pounds for lack of delicious food.  Danny's not hungry anyway so it doesn't matter to him.
It is day three of Danny's hospital stay for asthma, I expected he'd be home by now but the doctors just came in and felt that he needs to stay at least until this evening, probably one more night because he continues to wheeze after breathing treatments.  He is going to start a twice daily controller inhaler as well as albuterol every four hours and oral steroids.  I am going to start researching what I can do with his diet as well, I've heard talk about how going wheat and dairy free can be helpful for asthma.
James is here hanging out with me, so I have entertainment.  I also learned how to make I cords, so that's cool.  Danny is in good spirits and you wouldn't be able to tell he's sick just by looking at him, except that he won't eat anything.  I'm going to make a trip to Plum Market to get some goodies once Chris gets here.
Some more things I've learned:
1.)  It's been so long since I've had anything to drink out of styrofoam that I can actually notice the taste of it in my tea.
2.)  Bring your own tea to the hospital.  And mug.
3.)  I'm reminded of how portable infants are.  James doesn't care that he's sleeping in the stroller bassinet.
4.)  However, he seems to like a change of scenery every so often.
5.)  Hospital beds are good for climbing.
6.)  Helicopter pads are good for watching.
7.)  Hospital food is not good for eating, but I guess I already knew that.
8.)  It's a stupid question to ask the resident, "Are you going to be here later?"  Duh.  Of course they are.  Poor saps.
9.)  Nurses are good.  And I'm glad I'm not a nurse anymore.

1.)  See number 2 above.
2.)  This new lip balm from Annri called "Unicorn Farts",  it's delish.
3.)  Trader Joe's tea tree shampoo
4.)  Bag of Legos
5.)  Slipper socks
6.)  Wool shirts
7.)  Internet
8.)  Voicemails
9.)  My mom

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