Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Well, sort of.  Actually, not really ready at all.  But in my mind I'm ready.  Adding this baby to our home has tipped the scales and landed us in near chaos.  Diapers and clothes are everywhere, (except for when you need them.)  It's either time to move, or time to figure out how to add yet another person to this one bedroom apartment.  Thanks to Chris' new (second) job moving is now an option.  Yay!
There's a lot of excitement a-brewing up in here and tomorrow is the big day, although you can't tell by looking at the place.  Chris and I sat on the couch and laughed at how much more work there is to do, but I think he'll be surprised when he gets home tomorrow.  I can do this!!!  I have boxes.  I have tape.  I have packing paper.  I have a big fat marker.  I have rice krispie treats.  I also have no desire to pack in an organized way, so that should speed up the process.

Tonight:  Pack and eat treats.  (Eating entire pan acceptable)
Tomorrow:  Pack and have house ready by 2PM when some hired guys from craigslist come to move the heavy stuff.
The next day:  Get ready for chicken arrival.

Chickens!  CHICKENS!!!

We're getting four chickens for the back yard, and they lay an egg a day.  That's... let me see...  Four eggs per day!

We're so excited.

Also Excited For:
Laundry Chute
Four bedrooms
Two and a half baths
Fenced in back yard
Three minute drive to school
Canceling Chris' parking pass since he'll be biking to the hospital
Hardwood floors
A basement


Will post pictures as soon as I find my camera, I guess it got packed already.


  1. Congrats on the new place. Sounds exciting. I have been enjoying reading your blog. You have always seemed like such a great Mom. Keep up the great work.
    Renee (I don't do technology well, so I posted this anonymous)

    1. Thanks Renee! There's a chance we'll be moving to Madison in a year and a half, it's good to know you'll be there if we do!

  2. Yay, Fireplace Bathroom! Bathroom Chickens!