Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Breif Synopsis of the Last Few Weeks

December 10th-  James born.

Dec 12-30-  Completed the following projects (forgot to take pictures of the sewing projects):  
  • Christmas cookies, Peppermint bark
  • Six "Everything Totes" from Weekend Sewing
  • Two "Red Riding Hood Capes" from Little Things to Sew
  • Three flax and lavender hot packs made from old dress shirts
Dec 31-  James develops fever, instructed to go to the ER by on-call MD.  Fever continues, James has a chest x-ray, nasal swab, spinal tap, gets catheterized, gets an IV and is admitted to the hospital for 48 hours for observation and IV antibiotics.  I stay with him the whole time.  He remained his peaceful sleepy self through the whole ordeal and I watched the first season of Downton Abbey.

Jan 2nd-  James discharged from hospital, we rush home, I have just enough time to pack a bag and we leave for the airport, just making it to the gate in time for the final boarding call.

Jan 2nd-8th-  Back to back social events.

Jan 7th (the night before we return home to MI)-  Danny flings himself across the bath tub and bangs head on faucet...  requires four stitches in head.  Return home from the ER at 10pm.

Jan 8th-  Arrive at airport with plenty of time!  Return to MI.

Jan 9th-  Chris works 19 days in a row.

Jan 14-  Sign lease for new house.  (More on this later, very exciting!) 

Jan 16-20-  Matthew, Chris and I have the stomach flu.  I discover that my milk lets down every time I throw up, making me doubly dehydrated.  All the boys also get a wicked cold, Danny has to go back on his inhaler.  Begin packing for move on Feb 1st.


  1. Be well. Be happy. Be peaceful. Keep on keeping on. We love you all so much.

  2. That sounds like way too much excitement for one month... Hope everyone feels better soon!