Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day

Dear Boys,
I went to a lecture last weekend on festivals by Anna Rainville.  It was about how festivals/holidays carry us through the year and nourish us by bringing meaning to family life.  I can remember, as a 10-12 year old feeling happy and excited about approaching holidays, in particular Valentine's day.  I'm guessing that Valentine's was especially fun because I actually had work to do; Valentine's to plan and make.  I'd pick out supplies with my Mom and the kitchen table would be dedicated to Valentine making for weeks (The same thing happened with Easter, the table was covered with newspaper and the bowls of dye were there for the whole week leading up to it.)
I feel like we're in the beginning stages of building our holiday traditions and think we'll have some solid traditions by the time you reach that age.

Anna also inspired me to wonder, "What if I treated every day like a festival?"  Unrealistic, maybe, since some days I'm too freaking tired to leap out of bed and prance around the apartment wearing a home-made garland, singing for joy for another day.  BUT, this last Sunday it snowed and snowed and snowed and after we finished breakfast we threw birdseed around the back yard and that inspired me to start the winter tradition of doing something every Sunday for birds.  Sunday will be the day we take care of birds.  I think next Sunday we'll make peanut-butter-bird-seed-pine-cones to hang.

Between now and then, I have to find all the Valentine's we made that have somehow been misplaced.  (How can I loose anything in this sardine can of an apartment???)

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