Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Images from December

Dear Boys,
Here are some pictures of how we spent our December days, they were very busy indeed...
In my effort to start some family traditions, I picked out this German candle pyramid to bring out after Thanksgiving.  You were all charmed.  The apple candle holder is from Joseph's Advent spiral at school.

Matthew, I also finished embroidering your stocking, which took me two years to finish.  And I also made one for Danny, embroidering to appear in 1-2 years.

We ate the world's smallest clementine on a surprise, and in my opinion, not very well deserved (there really wasn't THAT much snow) snow day.  Even though it was kind of an over-reaction, it was still exciting to have a snow day and it felt very old-fashioned.

My super awesome neighbor Ann introduced me to Rose Windows, so fun!

We also made our fair share of Christmas cookies...

Matthew, I was expecting mayhem with the sprinkles.  Cookies with piles and piles of sprinkles.  But look how carefully you decorated these gingerbread men...

A careful line of buttons down the front and ONE shake of sprinkles on each limb.  Very loving and tender.  I think you did that tree one there at the top center of the picture, because it looks pretty similar to the men.

These little houses were for Matthew for Christmas, but I accidentally sent them to our old house, then assumed they were lost in the mail, but they arrived!

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