Monday, November 23, 2015


Watching surfing makes me wonder if I'm doing everything wrong.  

The most beautiful thing in the world to me is a child playing in total freedom...

I think about raising my kids in freedom a lot.  It's pretty much the most important goal to me parenting-wise.  It's also just an interesting concept in general.  For these surfer kids to go out into the ocean alone, they had to learn a lot of rules.  Firstly, they have to be a good swimmer.  They also have to know how to operate in the surf so they don't die or get smashed against the rocks etc.  Then I suppose there's all sorts of surfing etiquette that I don't know about.  Anyway, my point is that they learned these things (at a very young age) and then their parents set them free to experience something pretty amazing.  Now they get to experience the infinite possibilities of being human.  Think what you will about Ruldof Steiner, but he was right about one thing:  "Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, and set them forth in freedom."

I love Minneapolis, but I miss watching the boys in the woods in Michigan.  I also miss experiencing nature through their eyes.  I miss setting them free for an entire day outside.  I'm a country mouse at heart I guess.  The chickens are helping with this.

There's a turtle in this picture...

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