Friday, June 12, 2015

It's James with his rubber band crown and his Momma

With a special "hello" to Annri  (Recognize the dress pattern?) and my top lack-of-blogging complainers, Elizabeth and Adam.


  1. hello! what a nice surprise as I lay sleepless in Ann Arbor. sweet dress! is it from the Japanese sewing book? love the gilded fabric. hi James! Koji was sporting a headband today too. :)
    miss you ~ a

    1. It's Rae's Ruby pattern is a double gauze. You would love my favorite fabric store. I think of you every time I go. (P.S., James' shorts are Rae's newest pinwale corduroy line from Cloud 9, it's so cute, have you seen it?)

  2. Some of the best non-commentary on a long absence of posting that I have ever seen, mostly because it mentions me.