Sunday, May 20, 2012

I can remember the first time I met Aaron Salsitz.  It was three years ago, after dropping off Joe at kindergarten.  His son Xander and Joe were in the same class for one year before Xan went off to first grade.  We chatted in the parking lot for twenty minutes.  We talked about his time in the Navy, about basic training, and about how his growing up in Michigan had helped him pass the swimming test.  I heard about his wedding, his motorcycle accident, and his passion for Waldorf education.  I liked this guy right away.  I don't think I've met any one else as open-hearted.
I got to know Aaron and Emile throughout the year and developed an admiration for how they walk through life.  Their priorities are family, community building, and living with intent and gratitude.  They live their values 100 percent.  They sign their e-mails "peace and love," and they actually mean it.  It's not something that they're striving for, it's something that they've achieved.  They are the real deal.
Their children, being a product of these values, are a pleasure to know.  Xander is confident but also kind.  He runs across the playground with a streak of inner joy and curiosity.  He's magnetic.  You want to know this kid.  Molly's got "it" too...  this poise that can catch you off guard, but not in a "stifled child" sort of way, in a comfortable, natural way that tells you, "here's a child that's being raised in a respectful and thoughtful way."
This is the family that the knit-a-thon is for.  Xander has been in the hospital since the beginning of March and has had TWO bone marrow transplants because the first one didn't graft.  Please check out the knit-a-thon blog and consider sponsoring me.

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  1. Thanks, Julia. I'm proud to say Aaron is my son.

    Howard Salsitz, J.D.