Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Spot: There Will Be Mud

Dear Boys,
After three days of rain, it finally let up and this is what we found across the street in the park...

Skunk cabbage:

Deer paths:

Boot-sucking mud:

Many fallen trees:

Bright green moss:

A shell:

Stubborn thorns:

A vine around a stick:

Also, something else I want to remember:

Yesterday as I was getting Matthew out of the car at pick-up time, I saw a huge great blue heron flying over the school.  I looked over and spotted Joe sorting something out on the playground with a group of other kids.  I watched, hoping he would see it, even though he was involved in whatever this group of kids was deciding.  He must have seen it out of the corner of his eye because I could hear him shout from the other side of the playground,  pointing up at it, "HEY!  A sandhill crane!  NO!  A GREAT BLUE HERON!  GREAT BLUE HERON!"

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