Monday, September 20, 2010

Canning: Not as hard as you would think.

Chris had the weekend off and so I entered "CAN TOMATOES" on the calendar.  The boys took down the garden as this was probably one of the last warm weekends this year.  It was a very wholesome two days and I'm glad we made the most of Chris' days off (it was a real treat to have him for two days, IN A ROW!)  Canning provided a nice rhythm for the day and we went back and forth from the garden to packing tomatoes, although Joe lost interest in canning pretty quickly.  The boys were mostly interested in seeing what they could pick up with the jar grabber.  I thought they would like cramming the tomatoes in the jar, but oh well.
60 Pounds of tomatoes from the Ann Arbor farmer's market.
Army of mason jars.
The set-up.

Danny discovered a love for wheel barrows.
I am hoping to take the boys raspberry picking this week if their colds improve and would like to take another stab at raspberry jam.  Tomorrow, BEETS!  And maybe a trip to the hardware store to get Danny a kid-sized wheelbarrow.

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