Sunday, July 6, 2008


Joe spent the weekend reading comics with Grandpa John. Could superheros be the next new thing? I think Joe might be "breaking up" with weapons and moving on to superheros. A welcomed, more socially acceptable obsession.

Yesterday he was in the tub when he gasped,
"I FORGOT MY POWERS AT NANA AND GRANDPA'S!! Oh well that's okay. They can just fly back to me."

Then today he said to me after I picked him up from the Borger's place,
"Superheros are talented. But why do they wear their underwear on the outside of their pants?"

And currently, as I'm typing this, he's wearing his undies on the outside of his shorts.

"I look good" He says.


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  2. Actually, go to this URL.

  3. Last thought: Superheros are WAY cooler than weapons. Maybe you should take Joe to see Hancock in the theaters.