Tuesday, November 13, 2007

11/11/07 conversation between grand and joe

JOE: Where's Margaret (Grand's cat)
GRAND: Joe, Margaret died so we won't be able to see her anymore. If we want to see her we'll have to look at pictures.
JOE: Where is she?
GRAND: She's buried under the porch.
JOE: Can I see a picture of her?
GRAND: There's one on the fridge.
JOE: No, one of her after she died.
GRAND: I can understand why you would want to see that, but I didn't take a picture after she died.
JOE: Are you sad?
GRAND: Yeah, I am sad about it.
JOE: Well... It's a good thing I'm here... I'll give you a hug... Because I'm a hero.
GRAND: Thanks, you are a hero.
JOE: I feel sad too.
GRAND: When you feel sad I can give you a hug too to make you feel better.
JOE: That's okay, I can take care of myself.

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